Storyboards and Animatics are a proven and powerful method of communicating your ideas for maximum results, but deadlines can sometimes be crazy! So where do you go when you need a stack of frames for tomorrow morning, end-of-day, or even before lunch? Insane deadline? Last minute presentation? Overnight rush? – Speedboards can help!

While most storyboards and illustrations are done by a single illustrator, Speedboards’ assembly-line method divides the work and time in half or better. Our combined style reads quickly, getting your ideas and story beats across clearly while keeping it simple, often more effectively than other slower, over-done, and more expensive artwork.

But it gets even better! Speedboards has teamed up with New York-based studio HOWDY PARTNER, and together we offer complete full-service ANIMATIC production from start to finish! Super-fast artwork by Speedboards, and top editing/animating/VFX/sound by the pros at Howdy Partner.

With a combined 40+ years of experience working with advertising creatives, Trevor and Ryan have been through it all and teamed up under all kinds of crazy situations – No matter your panic, Speedboards has you covered. We’ll make it easy and have your frames ready when you need them so you can focus on other needs.